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THE STORY of the CREATION of GHTUY Once there was a young boy who would one day become ghtuy. He resided in the faraway land known as egg2.com. He spent his days there completing crappy flash quests (known to the modern populus as "games"). When he was about to start one quest, he noticed a portal (alias "link) to another land by the name of Bubblebox. Interested, he "clicked" (the slang for stepping back then) the portal and wound up in Bubblebox. There, he was surrounded by many, many quests that he had never dreamed of. He happily completed quests, on and off, for around 4 months. One fateful day, he discovered a realm entitled "Platform Racing 2". He went into the realm, and discovered that there were THOUSANDS of quests, in that one realm. But, for the quests he did could be put on record, he had to register with the local census to become a citizen. This was a new realm to him, so he could choose a name for himself. While trying to think one up, he had a vision of a long, black plastic board with squares on it, and a letter inscribed upon each square. He just happened to notice that the letters G, H, T, U, and Y were all bunched together. So, he picked the name Ghtuy, the name that appeared to him in a vision. So, with his new name, he procedded to explore the realm of Platform Racing 2, completing many a quest and earning new armor and experience. But, at the begining of one quest, the terrain did not appear, and he was in a sort of frozen state (as he would later learn, this state was called LAG, for Load Already Game (what some called quests)!). His eyes began to wander, waiting to get out of the state of LAG, and he saw a block that, when activated, would give him a helm inscribed with a "K" for his adventures, and would teleport him to another land altogether. Armed only with his experience, he activated the block. When the teleporting had ceased, he was in the land of Kongregatia. The first thing he noticed about this new, strange land was that an alert had appeared beside him. When he read it, he learned that he had performed a feat worthy of an achievement that would give him 5 Points (the currency of the land), if only he would register with the local census there. He remembered the new identity he had given himself so long ago, ghtuy, and thought,"Well, that should do for my identity here," and it was so. He was now a citizen of Kongregatia (though some call them Kongizens) and was astounded by all the suprises in store. He could post comments and complaints in any of the local town centers (the "Forums" as they are known), engage in interesting conversation with the locals while completing quests (although some were not so interesting and rather annoying). He could share his opinions on individual quests with the world, listed as Comments. But most interestingly of all, he could perform feats like the one that had inspired him to become a Kongizen, and earn Points to gain a higher social status, or "Level". All of these behaviors he continues to this day, and Ghtuy is happy and well. And that, my fellow Kongizens, is the creation story of ghtuy. ===================================== QUOTES! (under Kongstruction) ghtuy: Once there was an ugly little meatloaf. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end. xNativexGirlx: O.o ----------------------------------------------------------------- RyFoLife: i want ice cream Meloa: chocolate straws! ghtuy: ? Meloa: xD -----------------------------------------------------------------

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