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    Los Angeles, California, USA, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe
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Administrator of Kongregate.wikia.com, Account name walker9

I know a lot about Kongregate and how most chat rooms are, so if you want to know more about some chat rooms, you can always ask me anything. :)

Birthday: March 22, 1995

Interests: Driving

Talents: Juggling

Major: Geography

Any other questions, feel free to ask

Random Acronyms

Spam = Stupid Pointless Annoying Message

School = Seven Crappy Hours of our Lives

Class = Come Late and Start Sleeping

Finals = Fuck, I Never Actually Learned Shit

Math = Mental Abuse to Humans

RANDOM TRUE FACTS (new ones added at random times, so if you like seeing some true facts you never know, come look at my profile whenever you want and see if I updated/added anything new)

2 + 2 = Fish

3 + 3 = 8

7 + 7 = Triangle

8 + 8 = Butterfly

A Group of Crows is called a Murder.

A Group of Unicorns is called a Blessing.

Rabbits cannot vomit.

Snakes have 2 penises.

Elvis Presley had a twin brother.

Pinball Games were around during World War II.

Adolf Hitler was once rewarded Man of the Year.

Calico Cats are almost always female.

The Hawaiian Alphabet only contains 13 letters.

Shakespeare invented the word puke.

The past tense of dare is durst.

A Wine Glass shatters if a person sings at the right pitch.

Cows kill more people than sharks.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Banana Peels can actually make you slip.

ABC has the same tune as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

More Bombs were dropped in the Vietnam War than in World War II.

Albert Einstein was offered to be the president of Israel for a year.

The dot in lowercase I has an official name, called the tittle.

There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia than people.

The youngest girl to give birth was 5 years old.

Fire can be started using ice.

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

Apeirophobia is the fear of infinity.

Turkeys can reproduce asexually.

About 13 Percent of Britons had Homosexual Content.

Roller Coasters are called Russian Mountains in French.

Married and Poison are spelled the same way in Swedish.

The moon smells like gunpowder.

The first president of Zimbabwe was a Banana.

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