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▇▇ http://sketchtoy.com/62623798 ▇▇

(I quit getting all shinies. Oh well)

18 years old, a programmer in various languages (C++ my best). I am Pride’s Programming King, I am open to contests via Project Euler for those who think otherwise.
Working on a project (Core of Pulcher). You can look it up to see mock-up screenshots, songs, etc.
Pride’s Official Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KongsPride
CTCserwin: herc is funny. just pick him up like a javelin and throw him at a bunch of thugs. he’ll write a program in midair and the will all be dead when he lands.
けつ を たべる
Now adding people. If you are added, congrats. Here’s a list of all the people I added and my personal description of them:

davethenuge: He’s lax like wax and fax saxophone tax max man
potatoginger: Has a fake GF. Definition: “Fake girlfriends are for kissing, not for talking.”
docter_ted: The only brony acceptable in all of society, also quit his job to become a full time botomon breeder.
bran: A 14 year old manwhore, is destined to become a Pride programming King in the future.
lilBlackrose: AKA JaneFrost02, she’s the only person in this list to have ever beaten me in Chess.
solprovider: One of the very few people who saw me mature over my 6 year career on Pride
red_devil: A Moderator who only exists to eternally damn your corpse to his basement if you ever filter dodge.

runner ups: (Did not add them b/c they do not have me added)
CTCSerwin: " if i am the lawful evil, then herc would be the chaotic good." Is a shit programmer.

List of Shame: (Where I mock people for being different than me)
maltar_draco: much summed up with: “HAha, I muted herc, and I only did it because he’s an asshole. Wait, I don’t understand anything that is going on in chat, is herc saying something?”

Sit down and listen beginning to end, not much can compare to what Kall performs:

Quote to live by:

Those who fail to question themselves on their own theories or beliefs should not reserve the right to question others on their own.
How people react to me on a daily basis: http://pasteboard.co/1j2aP0v3.png
To brag; I type at 130-150 WPM
first I bang the drums,
then I bang ur mom.
First I screw the twister,
then I screw ur sister.
list of all anime I’ve watched: (in no particular order)
Death Note
Code Geass
Berserk (including all the Manga)
Sword Art Online
Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood
Attack On Titan (Manga as well)
Blue Exorcist (huge disappointment)
Paranoia Agent
Shin Chan
Bleach (up to 130 or so)
Elfen Lied
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Claymore (Manga mostly)
TheLightDemon: But you’re being informative and a constructive member of society, Herc
XCodyBG: not being racist but are you black im no offens
TheLightDemon: Herc you’re being banned for 30 days for being a whore.
LeopardStar_62: I’ll be back to hurt you later, herc
martyn898: i dont party
Paulverizer11: Okay, Bev, here’s the plan: I’ll wear the walrus costume and you put my left pant leg on your left leg. Meanwhile, Herc will make breakfast for the governor.
CTCserwin: yeah. if i am the lawful evil, then herc would be the chaotic good.
hercludes: mega – fallout – fan the third, do NOT speak to us in THAT tone
hercludes: We are your Kongdaddies
hercludes: we deserve respect
MegaFallout3Fan: dood my uncle is jesus christ
hercludes: I’m telling you, death note OST is the best chess playing music
JaneFrost2: * thumps head on table, why do i even try
CTCserwin: ☑ Tyrannosaurus Rekt
preston992: Herc is phallic in nature
CTCserwin: do you know what started the bubonic plague in europe?
CTCserwin: because i just googled it, and it said that you started it.
hercludes: https://scontent-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10403375_1560707100817923_7201152343952206864_n.jpg?oh=94f7248a56c471b908b78a0f3725b282&oe=54BE8AE9
hercludes: that screams out male you fagots
Red_Devil: it screams isis terrorist
SaxophoneGuy24: That’s impossible. Satan was already here.
zach19840: i dont doubt that
SaxophoneGuy24: He goes by a name of Hercludes.
hercludes: bran is gay
lilBlackRose: and that dosnt matter
lilBlackRose: because if we are naming names and pointing fingers than your still an ass
hercludes: you’re*
TarekN9: herc’s dick is so big, he was once in Ohio and got a blow job in Tennessee.
mingmingrr: this has been a really empty conversation
CTCserwin: herc wins at chess against seth. end of story.
davethenuge: God, you’re devilishly handsome herc.
davethenuge: herc is pretty cool
davethenuge: I’m…. not sure why I just typed that.
DarkRainyKnight: Alrighty then. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I shall drift back into the shadows now. P.S. Herc is my lover.
trebach: Damn, this game is going to be endless (reply)
To trebach: yep! :)
trebach: I think you’ve created digital crack (reply)
Linky543: botomon ARE pokemon buddy
martyn898: go to google and type in shelya hereshey
icyjay: herc yur the SEXIEST boy i know. GRIND ON ME BABY
hercludes: nah shus is just thirrsstty for LS
LeopardStar_62: Same here shus
CTCserwin: i’m glad the were are all mature and adult enough to talk about men with bitch-tits producing milk for muslims.
Bran: Im like your fanboi
LeopardStar_62: No herc is a douche
LeopardStar_62: You obviously dont know herc enough
(While I’m playing chess with Gummy)
GummyWormm: go forth horsies
Ilikehorses: no
GummyWormm: xD
Docter_Ted: i names one ted
Docter_Ted: and one herc
Docter_Ted: and we’re breeding
KaiJai: Hey hercludes enough of that thanks
XXsophaclesXX: Whats anime?
Shustriy: If i was in a room with herc, Hitler, and Saddam ussein and had 2 bullets, i would shoot myself twice.
prayforpriest: I get several guys I pass by using “Hey! Baby!!”
prayforpriest: I kind of wanted to punch their stomach
… (minute later)
gostman221: HEY BABY
hercludes: Hey! Baby!!
prayforpriest: damn u herc
… (day later)
hercludes: PP
prayforpriest: yes
hercludes: Hey! Baby!!
prayforpriest: what
prayforpriest: dam u
prayforpriest: (flick) herc
FeelTheFunkBlast: Hey big bruder one day I’m going to be a programmer just like you right?:^>
HellsSerenade: Dude… it looks like that one japanese guy from that game where you roll the block and eat buildings to get bigger, in a ****ing tea cup
hercludes: hahaha
hercludes: maybe someone will think it’s a clever reference
hercludes: and give me a 5/5
hercludes: and a bj
HellsSerenade: Well ****, unzip dude
3:20 [Ilikehorses] no no no how do i make a game?
3:21 [Xenocideophile] depends
3:21 [Ilikehorses] …?
3:21 [Xenocideophile] Depends on what langauge you want to use to start off with
3:21 [Ilikehorses] american
A reward for reading all this shit (an image of me): http://pasteboard.co/1j3qjDeX.jpg

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