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    Does anyone really care?
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Before you continue reading, please realize that I am the one whom steals your sock from the dryer. Carry on, now.

How to remove leaves
I star in another how-to! :D

Hello, this is jkdrip, your favorite liquid! If you try to nuke me, I may no longer be a liquid, and being a liquid is fun, so please don’t do that :(

Hello, this is jkdrip, your favorite band geek! If you try to poke fun at the oboe, I will love you! But there’s reason enough to hate them already, so please don’t.

Hello, this is jkdrip, your favorite pushover! If you try to push me over, I most likely won’t notice, but there will always be that psychological factor that makes stress that originates from being pushed over for anyone, so please don’t.


Owner(s) of my everything: itlives; michaelan; my name; “Venerated_Reaper” under the people that own your everything.;

Chat Quotes!

99Mustin: who needs a hug
NaoSouONight: A cactus.
99Mustin: no
NaoSouONight: Racist scum. ________________________________________________________ Terence22205: I WANT YOUR MOISTURE. NOWWWWW ________________________________________________________
jkdrip: Somebody say something funny so I can put ya in my quotebox, dammit.
Pokequeen: Something funny.
Pokequeen: Am I cool now? ________________________________________________________
Livzy: Yay I mate it :D
CaptainCoolGuy: You mated what?
Livzy: Made
Livzy: shut up, Jer. ________________________________________________________ GottaAskTheMan: I wish for a wish to wish me wishes so I can wish for wishes that wish a wish to wish wishes for me to wish wishes to wish wishes to wish wishes to wish for wishes for me to wish.
Pokequeen: I wish you didn’t say that ________________________________________________________ Youkyou: And he is a grammar nazi
michaelan: All I did was teach you English.
michaelan: BE GRATEFUL, IMMIGRANT ________________________________________________________ Pokerpo: I litterally check your quote box every single time I post a comment.
Pokerpo: Oh yeah, that reminds me. Looks ________________________________________________________ DawnofAshes: Nata is like my favorite meal of a slow cooked inside round roast.
Natamora: O_O

jkdrip: Know what I did with the house to myself?
jkdrip: Sing Michael Jackson rather loudly.
Ivan62300: Walk around naked?
Ivan62300: Oh
jkdrip: xD
NaoSouONight: It never ends well when a brit gets involved in politics.
NaoSouONight: It often ends bloody.
Wakaflocka1928: Actually my girl is doing herself with a beer bottle right now. I will be back.
Wakaflocka1928: in liek 10 minutes.

If I’m cool enough to you, and you have Sm4sh 3DS, message me your friend code and we can duke it out!

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