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I’m a potato.
FREE BOOBS: http://goo.gl/4niHws
Galaxy Online~
We are Anonymous,
We don’t forget,
We don’t forgive,
Expect us,
Smell us,

Mischief is in their hearts, Give them according to their deeds,
According to the wickedness of their endeavors, Give them after the work of their hands,
Render to them their deserts, smite them and let them not rise again.
Blessed be the lord. :P You have heard my curse, The lord is my strength, and my shield.
Thou shall perish!
There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve.
But who we are, And why we’re here, Are not among them.
Those answers, We carry inside.
I’ve been called a vigilante, But I’m more than that.
I’m the face of retribution. I am the silencer of injustice.

Qazzy is life. Qazzy is diplo. :3

Love to no scope noobs all day at 4:20 am with my swaggy friends.

I wear pink pajamas on weekends.
Baabaa: Viley is now known as Yogi~

Ganth: Viley is a loose cannon~

(He changed his name): The bonus of that ship in the center is that it helps the opponent kill him 10% faster~

✩StinkyGirl: Viley poops so hard, he makes B.A planes reroute for emergency landings~

Ganth: Viley is always watching, ready to defend anon at a moments notice~

Ganth: He sees everything. He should be called LurkingNorman~

Aero: He gets easily scared by spiders~

Phoenix: You must be a viagra tablet~

Strat: You’re all viley~

♫ I was watching my self sleep, ♫
♫ And then I flew away with the help of a big fart ♫
♫ Its times like these that make me say, ♫
♫ Lord if you see me please come my way, ♫
♫ Leavin’ bread crumbs for when I stray, ♫
♫ Rely on sacrifice and a the price you paid ♫ :D
♫ When you feel my heat, ♫
♫ Look into my thing, ♫
♫ It’s where the white things hide, ♫
♫ Don’t get too close, it’s spooky inside ♫
♫ It’s where the white things hide! ♫
♫ Lo-lo-love me like you do! Lo-lo-love me like you do! ♫ :3
♫ To-to-touch me like you do! To-to-touch me like you do! ♫ ;3
♫ they see me rollin’, they hatin’ ♫
♫ patrolling they tryin’ catch me ridin’ dirty ♫
♫ Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty! ♫
♫ I’m having a bad, bad day ♫
♫ Its about time that I get my way, ♫
♫ Streamrollin’ whatever I see, ♫
♫ Mm.. Despicable me ♫


This, is a cute one I love. http://prntscr.com/6pv1xc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

~VileyNorman™ 2015

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