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Quotes are back because that’s the only part of my profile anyone ever read anyway (you know it’s true).

Gainedhate: Why am I always quoted? damn. lol.

djstreamline: the mere thought of a fight with [Chuck Norris] has just broken my arm.

CrimsonGhost6969: He [dj] is afk. I just looked in his windows.

Ryknig: I’m sorry race, but anything that your dog can do better than you isn’t a sport. [referring to me calling Ultimate Frisbee a sport]

Ketsy: There is no point in fighting with an idiot. The best case scenario is you won a fight against an idiot.

moses78: hello, am i still connected or did i lose it again or did you all mute me again?

bennyrulez: War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.

Sir_Fratley: Congratulations! You just won the Easy Badge Spam and -5 respect! [not directed at me, thankfully]

gatherer818: my eyes are vomiting my brain onto my keyboard.

MrSitouh: I’m a high-level overthinker. It’s what I do.

asmodous: I’m not american, I’m america.
TalonH: You must be really big then
TalonH: Considering you’d be a CONTINENT
asmodous: yep
asmodous: I’m almost the same size as moses used to be

TheoSoft: no reason to get upset over a game with no badges.

Sir_Fratley: *Is grinding teeth*
Sir_Fratley: Nao they’re level 27!!

crazymouse: And the awkwardness in the room just bred with itself and multiplied.

TehUberAhsem: Bring me something pretty back from work, okay sweetums?
racefan12: o.o
DjStreamline: i’ll bring u some coffee grounds.
DjStreamline: and smother you with them.
DjStreamline: XP

Damian692: silence is golden….. duct tape is silver

DjStreamline: XD i’m like those skary nemesis zombies in Resident Evil
Sir_Fratley: Lols, Dj
DjStreamline: not some slow stupid zombie like iBot

gatherer818: *latherer? I don’t think I collect shampoos…. or shampii, however it’s spelled.

demonsword59: …My stomach just growled like a star trek tractor beam
racefan12: Demon: have you turned into moses?
demonsword59: Race when I gain 200 pounds grow hair all over my body and excrete random colors of slime
demonsword59: I’ll be sure to let you know

Ketsy: I like confusion.
Ketsy: It’s super effective against poison type enemies.

Ketsy: I hope you all suffer miserable arguments that are wrought with inconsistent arguments and painfully bad logic.

TalonH: i don’t quote people
gatherer818: I do, just not you, because you’re not memorable.

TalonH: I expect everyone to wish me a happy birthday soon
racefan12: Happy birthday.

gatherer818: baseball: ‘He hit a ball, NOW he’s making a left turn!’ [comparing baseball to NASCAR]

gatherer818: excuse me a moment while I clean off a spot to headdesk. (reply)

moses78: really? i did not know that. i mean. i’m just a total retard and need everything explained to me. (reply)

Pbizz2010: I was porn in ’87.
Pbizz2010: Born*

jayzak8894: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Don’t reply) [parodying a PM]

racefan12: Congratulations! You just won the Chinchilla Villa Badge and 15 points!
Musicgirl: ratz
racefan12: hank you

asmodous: Darn
asmodous: I was just about to see if ni**er was an accepted word on this [Clockwords]
asmodous: I had nigg and an r
asmodous: what else was I suppose to think of?
racefan12: ginger
asmodous: … DAMN

Sir_Fratley: Mashes B to stop moses evolving into emo-ses (reply)

TheoSoft: sorry, had to go to the next office
TheoSoft: it’s 5 here
DjStreamline: what time was it in the other office, Theo?

Sir_Fratley: QUOTE ME, QUOTE ME NOW (reply)

racefan12: Actually, I think they intentionally pick stupid people to be game show contestants so that they don’t have to give away as much money
Kikii: That’s a good plan.
Kikii: Why don’t we pretend to be really stupid, get on the show, win a shittonne of cash, and split the loot?

TheoSoft: poli = many, tics = blood sucking creatures
TheoSoft: put it together

Sir_Fratley: I love moses

Key_Bearer: Bleys es aburrido.
Bleys087: And key, you’re a burrito!

gatherer818: it’s kind of like naming a desk ‘Chair’. It’s not a chair, but it’s still Chair. It’s still “the NATO Phonetic Alphabet” even though it’s not a phonetic alphabet.

Key_Bearer: How’s it going?
racefan12: Pretty good, now that the random rainstorm stopped
Key_Bearer: …Okay. Where in Texas [are you] exactly?
CharlieFoxtrot: He brings off the hippie vibe thus I think he’s in the Austin area.

kill_mister12: procrastinate today! DON’T PUT IT OFF!

iGark: If [getting all badges] truly is impossible, I’ll wear a shirt for the rest of my life that says “RACEFAN12 WAS RIGHT” and has a picture of a goomba on the back.

Sir_Fratley: Anyway, yeah. He’s the opposite of a troll
Sir_Fratley: He’s a llort

camdapirate: who else here has no social life? :)
iGark: I have a social life, it’s just Kongregate exclusive.

iGark: I’m gonna kick the red bucket for tonight.
iGark: See yall later. [Said while in the chatroom ‘The Red Bucket’]

Assumptio: Worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum

theSeraph: Also, telling someone on a flash game site to stop being a geek is like sticking your head in the ocean and telling the fish to stop swimming.

moses78: i wanted to play GTA IV for about .000023 seconds. then i remembered how much it sucks.

AdeebNafees: Also, I should be quoted on your profile. I mean, everything I say is so precious, valuable and exotic.

Green_meep: It’s Not Really Inconvenient You Retard
Green_meep: ^ title of my next book
racefan12: Is that a rebuttal to An Inconvenient Truth?
Green_meep: yes, yes it is

inferno76: Frat, that is
inferno76: He links things too often
Minimalist__: More links than a Zelda conference

Woon1957: Bit hard, dontcha think? (hides face in shame)

Ericzander: Race I read your profile… and pooped myself.

ShawnerSSS: Paying for college and not going to class is like paying for a hotel room and sleeping out on the street

LethalMutiny: No. My broken is fully functioning.

Woon1957: so one of my classmates offered my friend nerdz [candy] and he was like “but that’s cannibalism”

awein999: i know a walrus that is 5 that has a full on body fur

aturtledoesbite: Hey, SilentSand. If I put you in the oven, would you turn into glass?
racefan12: silently
racefan12: but yes
aturtledoesbite: Oh, that’s how they make soundproof glass?

WiiPlayer113: Accidental period…

racefan12: Why does Prec always have diabological badges of the week
racefan12: diabolical*
LouWeed: what diabolical badges
Grant1128: omg I just noticed that typo lol
LouWeed: diabiological
uzzbuzz: Prof Layton and the diabolical box sounds like prec’s type of game tbh
Grant1128: I’m making that my new word lol
Grant1128: diabological
Grant1128: something that is evil but makes sense
Grant1128: i guess it’s an adjective
LouWeed: evil makes perfect sense anyway
racefan12: Glad I could assist you in your quest for neologisms
Grant1128: like “that revenge plan is so diabological”

adv0catus: texas would just simulate the alamo and use it as an excuse to shoot everyone else
racefan12: wut
adv0catus: you know it’s true.
racefan12: Texas was defending the Alamo, not attacking it
MachuPichu: The alamo was the thing Texas didn’t attack. Emphasis on one though
racefan12: You didn’t even say “one” though
MachuPichu: I thought it though
MachuPichu: Fingers failed me
racefan12: That’s what you get for messing with Texas

HugePudding: Denying [the teaching of] evolution to kids is like denying them [the right] to poop.

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