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Need a mod? If I’m not responding to pms (/w fuzzybacon We need a mod in (Room). PLEASE include the room, it makes it much easier for me.), try modfriend!
http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/modfriend/friends.  Alternately, if you leave a whisper in my profile, I’ll get a pop-up letting me know, and I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Fear… leads to anger…
Anger… leads to hate…
And hate… leads to suffering…

For your information, Kongregate, I was not raised by wolves. I lived across the street from the wolf people. MY parents were Mooses (Meeces? whats the plural of that?)


Also, check out out wiki at:http://kongregate.wikia.com/wiki/Ninja_Chat

Blarlack: And you better stay that way all time time, or I will call the angry men with the clubs.
Azieru: don’t you mean white coats?
Blarlack: Azieru – do you have ANY idea how hard it is to break kneecaps with a white coat?
 Protoss_rush: crackle awalters, ducklette, wilson, marh, flare, is anybody there? Ninja chat is underattack, and we are pinned down with heavy spam! Requesting immediate artillery/airstrike, over. Again, requesting mods in ninja chat. Stat! crackle

Confuzzledmaniac: There we go. Dropping a suburb on someone makes them urban.

Confuzzledmaniac(private): ‘I have defeated a bag of sunflower seeds, I thirst.’

Confuzzledmaniac: Bacon, go teabag a sea urchin.

Demonwolf: I’m a religious dyslexic. I sold my soul to santa.

Blarlack: We all know that you’re better than I am. (He admits it!)

Demonwolf: Mary had a little lamb, and then the doctor fainted.

Vorpal_Steak: IRL, I’m MissNibbles.
Vorpal_Steak: Wait…what?

IAmTheCandyman: "On the next episode of “Mods Gone Wild”…"

EndlessSporadic: I am like the gender confused sibling you never wanted.

IAmJeebus: I love bawls in my mouth

emily_greer: DF, burning passion is a symptom of syphilis

Iggyshark: I prefer my bacon to be fuzzy.

MrSpontaneous: “​I like to ban and I cannot lie You moderators can’​t deny That when a troll signs on with a big snarl on his face And a chat nuke in your place You get called…”​

Upaut: It really isn’t funny when you’re out ’round 8p-9p having coffee with a friend when you get a call from your mom: “How do you spell orgasm?”

Lilith_the_Dark: fuzzy kor said to tell you that hes in the middle of a dungeon and cant answer
Lilith_the_Dark: apparently im now his answering machine
KnightofRa: please leave your name and number at the sound of the lilith thumping me
KnightofRa: THUMP

Phoenix00017: From across the room where my wife is studying for her med school boards: “Is that a penis??”

Ducklette: hellooooooo satan!
                                                                Ducklette: lol. bacon is way better than duck. though duck is good. (O.O)

Azieru: my smell motivates me to live my life
Azieru: because god do I want to get away from it

Blarlack: Warranty: We guarantee we won’t break your kneecaps when you’re on your way into the store to buy it. Way out? You’re on your own.

Carados: Fuzzy likes his chat like he likes his women. Heavily modified and part robot.

Blarlack: But I got it off his head, and he’s fine.

Rachiface: one warning, noobs

Llamanescent: Fuzzy, come drool on me then.


Oh, and one last thing. You just lost the game.

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