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    Sep. 18, 2008

Mew :3

In the process of reconnecting with old friends, new ones, and the kong community. Be prepared for a random shout!

Ermehgerd, Mod!
Modded on Sept 8, 2010
~Owner of The Cliff on Sept 28, 2010 – June 13, 2011

Room Mod November 14, 2012 – Present
Epic Mod Party attended: 13 mods, Dec 15, 2010
Pokémod-Caught by Arkive as a Mewbot Feb 24, 2011

How to become a Mod! Rules of Conduct

PrinceGnomePope: “mods are not the people who ask to be them. mods are those that show they can be one”

ⓐ ⓑ ⓞ ⓤ ⓣ ⓜ ⓔ

Mew, My name is Livy!
I’m a nekomimi (catgirl) So don’t mind the catfaices!
I’m bossy and yell at people who are rude, But usually I’m very bubbly and just looking for a good time. I love drawing and chatting with my fellow Kongregators.
My obsessions include but are not limited to; sea turtles, my cats, Steven Universe, Bob’s Burgers, cheese, Rooster Teeth and Kongregate. Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to ask away!

Want to be friends?

I love meeting new people and am always ready to make new friends here. Whisper me, PM me, catch me in chat! Strike up a good conversation, I am usually pretty friendly and don’t usually bite :3

Want to chat off Kong? Keep in contact by adding me on
Skype: livzymitten or on Steam: Livzy

Ares_: livzy = awesome, brilliant, charming, ding!, excellent, ftw, great, hillarious, inciteful, just, kool, likeable, marvelous, noble, on it, personable, quick, rich, stupendous, titalating, uber, voracious, wicked!, xylophonist, yummy, zaney.

Officially own Iowndeath on April 30, 2011
NaoSouONight hearts me :3

I spend copious amounts of time profile stalking

The Truth!
“While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.”
- Mark Twain

Too Lulzy to Forget

samispwnzer: I gave up on porn.

samispwnzer: Spending time around Liv just about does it for me.

Livzy: You and your fetishes, Teh.

Tehjo: Nuuu

Tehjo: You’re a fetish.

Livzy: Orly

Tehjo: That one doesn’t seem to work as well as a comeback

samispwnzer: * grins at the fact that he touched Livy *

Livzy: THE CLIIIIIIIIIFF * punts Teh off the cliff*

Fnar3221: * sexes up Livy*


xela248: Palmleaf? Maple, please.

xela248: Male syrup…yeah…

xela248: *MAPLE

Ares_ did your hear about the parents who found their 6 y/o son looking at S&M porn online? they were trying to figure out what to do do, and the dad said “well… we can’t spank him…”

Gamerpwnage50: Livzy gives women boners

Gamerpwnage50: Livzy, I have short ass hair rubs

Ares_: i’d ask if i could fondle your eyes as i stared into your boobs, livzy

ScreamyLordSutch: NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (reply)
ScreamyLordSutch: Don’t quote me on that though (reply)

x3_Burninator_x3: Because if man were meant to be clothed we would be born with pants

JesseMH8: Confucius says “Stay cool and grounded like a turtles butt.”

Ivan62300: They say that Livzy’s bum is so amazing, even Zeus doesn’t touch it, out of respect

NaoSouONight I am childish at holding drugs.
NaoSouONight grudges
NaoSouONight What.

gerheart: alright, mine’s slutty_beach_babes_2016
Livzy: I can get into that, ger
Fiendmummy: Liv are you saying youre a slutty beach babe?
Livzy: Im saying I like slutty beach babes

[12:12 AM] Magicant: I feel like James Brown.
[12:12 AM] Magicant: So,
[12:12 AM] Magicant: I FEEL GOOD
[12:12 AM] Livzy: Like you knew that you would?
[12:13 AM] Rothycat: You feel fine?
[12:13 AM] Magicant: Like I knew that I would.
[12:13 AM] gerheart: so good?
[12:13 AM] gerheart: so good?
[12:13 AM] Magicant: I got you!
[12:13 AM] Livzy: DA DA DA DA DAH!
[12:13 AM] Rothycat: OWWW!

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