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One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in It’s a nice day, or You’re very tall, or Oh dear you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you all right? At first Ford had formed a theory to account for this strange behavior. If human beings don’t keep exercising their lips, he thought, their mouths probably seize up. After a few months’ consideration and observation he abandoned this theory in favor of a new one. If they don’t keep exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working. After a while he abandoned this one as well as being obstructively cynical and decided he quite liked human beings after all, but he always remained desperately worried about the terrible number of things they didn’t know about.
— Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’ve made a couple of walkthroughs — check out my walkthroughs for Unstable and Transmission.

I am a huge fan of programming-type games. Check out the tag — here’s the ones that I’ve enjoyed most:
Manufactoria, Jahooma’s LogicBox, The Codex of Alchemical Engineering and The Codex of Alchemical Engineering: Magnum Opus Challenge, KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People, F.P.S., light-Bot and Lightbot 2.0, Factory Missions, Tile Factory, CiggbitCembly, Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1 and Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts, and, depending on how broad your definition is, probably Electric Box and Electric Box 2. If you know of any others, let me know!

Also worth mentioning are two non-Kongregate games: Untrusted, a free Javascript-based game, and SpaceChem

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