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Helltank: only seanison was pro enough***
the best thing I have ever been called :D
First off, my names Sean ;)
I have been with Kong for a while now, i started off in pride, and eventually moved to Echo Hall with my friend.
Pride is a great place with wonderful people, and echo hall has the equivalent , they are nice and fun just alike :)
I love my Room owner in Echo Hall, Stotsy-poo# aswell as in Pride, so either one is a great pick if you are looking for a nice room to stay in for a while or just to stop and debate random nonsense! But if you would like to chat with me, come to Echo hall, that is my residing area :)

Here is the wiki to Echo Hall This is updated usually i think xD

Here is the wiki to Pride somewhat updated :)

If you need help here is the link to moderators that are online

Keep in mind, you dont always need a mod to help you but its okay to ask if you think you do. But here are ways to handle it yourself→ muting!
Muting is a tool used to take people out of chat for your convenience, and you will stop seeing them in chat until you unmute them :)

Changing chatrooms is always fun and nice to meet new people, you can find chatrooms listed here

But remember, when going to other chatrooms, you must know that kids and younger people are there, so do your best to follow the CONDUCT . The conduct is a very strict but well placed chatroom and forums guide to being a good kong citizen :D so follow it! :P

Below i will list some helpful links that will benefit anything you may need, i hope its HELPFUL :)

Mods online for help

Formatting for your profile

How to become a mod

Finding a new chatroom

English Faq

Privacy Policy

Kong Terms of Use

My personal Favorite games! (Updated weekly)



seanison0151: I think, stots is so smart for his age, and witty too, he is like a taller, foreign harry potter, that just cant help but to cast the “sexy” spell.
seanison0151: So we all are attracted to him
seanison0151: =/
rabidbob: How can we help ourselves?
seanison0151: Not sure, that sexy spell is strong.
Stots: Why don’t I have this effect on real people…

seanison0151: I am hard. Hard for Stots!
Stots: If I got a dollar for every girl who said that-
Stots: Oh.
Charizard95: You’d be broke

Echo Hall
seanison0151: Stots, you wanna ziltch?
Stots: I’ll have one more game with Havco, then I’ll zilch you good! >:D
seanison0151: Thats a sexual position btw
Stots: ohbby

MyNameIsNothing: What are standards?
seanison0151: im not “hormonally driven”
Stots: Things you don’t have.
seanison0151: >.>

Chatgames quotes~

seanison0151: well im off to watch netflix
Kadleon: >no one wins the mafia
Kadleon: >enter
Kadleon: >listen to kad rant
Kadleon: >leave to watch netflix
Kadleon: The life cycle of seanison0151.
seanison0151: Usually

Helltank: I played poorly yeah
Helltank: but only seanison managed to see and exploit it
Helltank: at the end i was grasping for straws
Helltank: but nobody saw it except sean
Lebossle: http://pastebin.com/dGWHcKde

Helltank: helltank farks up
Helltank: seanison sexploits
seanison0151: i framed it on my profile<3

Your friendly neighbor hood friendly neighbor is here :) Sean-man

Also on the side I really love to play mafia and create or play games on the forum games, so you will find me there a lot :)

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