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    Jun. 01, 2010

This profile forwards to Sinapi.

If you wish to add me as a friend, please add my main account (Sinapi) instead of this account. I don’t really use this account for anything and I’m never on it.

I made this account purely for funsies, from a nickname given to me by a friend.

This account is a part of the Mustard Series.


Exceeded 3,000 character limit for profiles on my main account, moving some of my stuff here.


midnightcomes: watching nabb flirt is like watching an elephant repeatedly bangs its head against a fence:p

SilverBullet1984: There is a fine like between randomly funny and trolling. Unfortunately, John drew the line when he was drunk, so it isn’t a straight line.


JudeMaverick: http://judemaverick.deviantart.com/art/The-Michael-Bay-Poem-159034001
[07:16] CosmicCastaway: Sinapeh, do you ever sleep? O_o

[07:17] Sinapi: Is that a rhetorical question?
(I made a The Little Prince reference and got a sheep out of it)
[15:37] MrSpontaneous: Sinapi: http://i50.tinypic.com/15r12m9.png

[04:56] Tatjeo: I predate most of you.

[04:57] Tatjeo: Me in the Cafe, it’s like an ass groove in the couch.
[15:55] Razzi3l: Can I piledrive her onto her bed?

[06:30] CommanderObvious: http://judemaverick.deviantart.com/#/d2r7lsa

[23:02] Sirago: give me wood please. WAIT OMG NOT OMG LOL (reply)

[22:23] Jethro_Gibbs: Bawls is an awesome drink,

[22:20] Hayato_Sakashi: I gave greg a BJ


[03:13] Confuzzledmaniac: CLICK ON NAT’S CHEST TO PROSPER (reply)

[03:14] To Confuzzledmaniac: NAT IS DEAD DAMMIT

[03:15] Confuzzledmaniac: YOU CAN STILL CLICK ON THEM (reply)

[03:15] To Confuzzledmaniac: THAT IS NECROPHILIA

[03:17] Confuzzledmaniac: NOT IF SHE COMES BACK ALIVE AT SOME POINT (reply)


[10:14] JetLag: *grabs boobies*

[10:14] JetLag: huzzah


[03:29] Laxaria: Jorma actually showers?

[03:29] Sinapi: No, he rolls in the snow


oh balls


My alts (from most used to least used)

Main account: Sinapi

1. Sinapi_NinjaChat (hyperlinking is not working for this for some reason – http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Sinapi_NinjaChat) (Assigned to Ninja Chat)
2. ErinOwnsYou (Assigned to Feed The Ducks)
3. Sennep (Mustard series, Danish/Norwegian) (Quotes and alts listed on this profile)
4. ErniClone
5. ErinC__
6. iwannakisssunnay
7. TickleKitten
8. BargeCat
9. BargeDuck
10. IAmTheMustardman
11. IAmTheTotoroman
12. ErkaErkaErka
13. xBurritoBurritox
14. Punctuation_PoPo
15. Pisica
16. ipaniS
17. Mostaza (Mustard series, Spanish)
18. Sinappi (Mustard series, Finnish)
19. Masutado (Mustard series, Japanese)
20. Gorchychinyi (Mustard series, Russian)
21. Slacica (Mustard series, Serbian)
22. Mosterd (Mustard series, Dutch)
23. Gyeoja (Mustard series, Korean)
24. Gorchitsa (Mustard series, Bulgarian)
25. Schatzie
26. iUntz
27. BritishRage
28. Spinapidax
29. Sinapee

+Eight unnamed/unimportant accounts

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