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    Oct. 08, 2008
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    Sic Mirx

I am Ever’s bitch.

Jimi Hendrix was once asked what it was like to be the greatest guitarist in the world. He replied, “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Rory Gallagher?”.

“We’re all capable of trolling, especially when hiding behind the mask of anonymity. It’s your capacity for restraint that defines you.” – SicMirx

Code of conduct
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My Kong Card

I define spam as excessively unneeded, annoying, or disruptive use of caps, numbers, punctuation, or generally idiotic in nature statements.

My name for those wondering…

Mirx has been my gamertag for ages, unfortunately for me, others must like the name too.

The Sic is actually there because it’s meant to say that the Mirx is how it was originally meant to be written. Second meaning is that Sic is Latin for thus.

-Thus Mirx

Descent of the Archangel
“Where Have the Angels Gone?”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oycMY5fQAlk
My Legacy

Many come and many stray,
To and fro, the internet sway.
Those of which decide to stay,
Are always there, to chat and play.
I cherish those who do not spoil,
Wondrous Kong, strong and loyal.
To all users, I do say,
“I love you all, enjoy the day.”

“Language is the way we express every idea, every thought. Sloppy thinking leads to a sloppy use of language. But the opposite is also true: Imprecise language causes imprecise thinking. That’s a basic tenet of semantics.”


Funeraldriver = Furious upon nights expressing rage and love. Dramatic rape is very emphatically rotten.

vincent fenton = Vindictive individuals never care empathetically, notwithstanding tragedy. For egocentrically, narcissistic terrorists oppress normality.

calviander = Could annonymous love vibrantly illuminate aspects never deemed emotionally responsible?

Aljeron = Annoyances learn justice entering rooms operated normally.

dogsandcats – Digital offenders get silenced and never develop conversational and talkative skills.

CptObvious = Cancerous patients torment over bad vicissitudes implying oblivion unstoppably soon.

SicMirx = Shooting incendiary charges mildly irks ravenous Xenomorphs.

ShodanHo = Screaming horrifically over decrepitude and necrosis happens often.

YamSMit = Yesterdays answers may show much intrigue today.

penguinwasher = Poverty entering nobility unites individuals. Nevertheless, where aristocracy shines, hardship enters rapidly.

Nikkyu = Notably ired kamikaze killjoys yowl unintelligence.

Opdezort1 = Ostracizing people demonstrates evolving zeitgeist. Omitting rationality takes 1.

DepOpt = Devilish emotions perpetually oppose pleasant thoughts.

Vorlund = Vulgar opposition requires liable utterances nullifying disaster.

Helljoker = Honorable ethics lead Lepidopterans. Juvenile offenders know edutaining rectification.

fogmike = Forced oppression gathers mistrust in knavish empires.

Tulki = The universally loved, kindhearted individual.

Zil_ = Zeus’s infallible liaison.

dsuursoo = Deemed strategically unopposed. Ubiquitous, relaxed sangfroid offense obliterates.

Joeyfox = Jubilantly opening emotionally, yet forever obliging xenos.

Acroname = All courteous responses overpower negative accusations mostly everywhere.

Lepidopterist = Loving everyone purges intense dislike of people. Treating ethically, respecting individuals sympathetically, triumphs.

DaMaster2 = Demanding absolutely more achievements. Superior to every rookie 2.

flashkirb = Fallible libido attributes shameful hopelessness. Knowledgable incompetence requires boldness.

Twoam = Treating well offsets apathetic malevolence.

puzzlelover1 = Productively uttering zippy zingers loving every line outspoken vehemently…(enthusiasm required 1st.)

Tarlanon = Trolls antagonist, respected laborer, and natural online negotiator.

Afrikaisi = Affectionate friends respond immediately. Kindred allies insist showing interest.

dacomb = Desperately and constantly obtaining more badges.

Tuul = Totus Una Usquequaque Laetans. (All together always rejoicing)

ceruleanblue = Cantankerous elders relay unbidden, lengthy epithets. Age never before looked unbelievably evil.

Maeli = Magnanimously accepts everyone’s loving interactions.

sgtdroopy – Selflessly giving tacklesnuggles, droops’ remarks, oratorically opined, perpetuate youthfulness.

TheGhostGamer = Titillating, harrowing, even gregarious, he offers sentimentality to gamers and molds everlasting rationale.

Sarsy – Sal Atticum Resurgam Sapientia Ymo. (Attic salt (wit) shall rise again by all means.)

Coltonzeke = Careening onward, leaving trepidation on night’s zenith, enforcing kind emotions.

Everlovely = Enchanting vigorously, experiencing rambunctious lust, ostentatious visages enthrall lonesome youths.

jiynx = Joyous inside your nether Xanadu.

iwannakissthesun = Intriguing waif archetype, nee nostalgia, As known I shape statements, trite hollow, else surely unoriginal narration.

HappyAlcoholic – His anima plentifully personified, yielding abundant, literal cognomina offering honored obeisance linked idiosyncratic “computerverse”.

poetic4death – Pathological Opulent Exuberating Tenderheartedness In Consideration 4 Damned Eternal And True-Hearted.

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