Aug. 11, 2008

Buried Treasure Week has begun!

For the most part, badges on Kongregate are decided by user rating, with the occasional exception for ones that happen to be totally awesome. But this week, it'll be the underdogs' chance to shine, as the Kongregate staff will be hand-selecting 5 games across the site that we feel you guys just never appreciated as much as you should. Each one might not have the best art, or the most sophisticated programming, or maybe there's a glitch here and there, but there's just something about the game that makes it the greatest thing ever.

Maybe you'll agree; maybe you'll disagree. But check back each day August 11 through August 15 to see our selections. Each game will receive a badge or two, be featured on the front page, and receive a small points challenge that will only last for a single day. It will be 15 minutes of glory for a few special games. If it works out well, we might even do it again in October. But for now, you can voice your thoughts and opinions about this week on our forum.
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