Apr. 09, 2008

March 2008 contest winners!

Here are the winners from March!

1st. Boxhead: Zombie Wars
2nd. Shift
3rd. Drunken Masters
4th. Synapsis
5th. Drone Wars
6th. Boomstick
7th. Amberial: Nebulosa Realms
8th. DropSum v1.3
9th. Talesworth Arena

That's $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for all the others. As usual, implementing our stats API is a requirement for winners to claim their prize.

And last week, Warlords: Call to Arms was the winner for $250. Synapsis and Whiteboardwar were the two runners-up for $150 each. Technically our Kongai Launch didn't let people down for the second-highest rating, but it was disqualified on account of being too awesome.
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