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Avery, speak! Good dog.


  • Avery ball
  • Avery confused
  • Avery curious
  • Avery drool
  • Avery sad
  • Avery sleeping


Just chillaxing in Kongregate chat with her fellow chickens - bock bock!

  • Chicken lol
  • Chicken shrug
  • Chicken sup
  • Chicken wave

Gaming Grandma

Level 81 Grandma got mad skillz!

  • Angry gma base png
  • Cheering gma base png
  • Confused gma base png
  • Sad gma base png
  • Sleepy gma base png
  • Surprised gma base png

Super Star

Get your game on, go play!

  • Superstar stickers failcry
  • Superstar stickers firedup
  • Superstar stickers scared
  • Superstar stickers shock


Duckie is ready to quack you up with his wacky hijinks.

842 left

  • Celebrate birthday duckie base png
  • Cheering duckie base png
  • No duckie base png
  • Ok duckie base png
  • Sad duckie base png
  • Sleeping duckie base png

School Sketches

Draw out your realest feelings with some squiggly doodles.

  • Schoolsketch 1win
  • Schoolsketch 2lose
  • Schoolsketch 3surprise
  • Schoolsketch 4shrug
  • Schoolsketch 5confuse
  • Schoolsketch 6angry
  • Schoolsketch 7sly
  • Schoolsketch 8nervous


This ghostly apparition is simply not shy when it comes to expressing itself! Show off your spoopy side in chat with these spirited stickers~

288 left

  • Ghost1
  • Ghost2
  • Ghost3
  • Ghost4
  • Ghost5

Geoff the Evil Giraffe

Geoff was born with a short neck (by giraffe standards!) What a tragic backstory! T_T Now he's gone evil & seeks to destroy all objects in the world that have a long neck.

  • Evilgiraffe evil
  • Evilgiraffe evilplans
  • Evilgiraffe redbutton
  • Evilgiraffe sad

The Knight of Sticker Kingdom

This mysterious knight is here to defend your honor on the chatting battlefields!

206 left

  • Knight 1proud
  • Knight 2charge
  • Knight 3shield
  • Knight 4ded


It ain't easy being edible! When you're this delicious, it's bound to be fatal. :(

  • Food burger
  • Food garlic
  • Food hotdog
  • Food noodles
  • Food onion
  • Food pepper


Don't cross the Sasstrich! She don't take baloney from nobody! Unless it's a baloney sammich, then yea, sure.

  • Sasstrich angry
  • Sasstrich disappointed
  • Sasstrich nope
  • Sasstrich scared
  • Sasstrich thanks
  • Sasstrich yes

Garden Eels

This conga line of wiggly congridae wish good vibes upon your Kongregate chat experience!

  • Eel surprised
  • Eel confused
  • Eel yes
  • Eel no
  • Eel nervous


Mischievous Roscoe stays up all night, eats junk food & chugs energy drinks. Even though he's often up to no good, we always forgive him cuz he's just soo cute!

10 hours left

  • Raccoon blush
  • Raccoon headdesk
  • Raccoon iloveyou
  • Raccoon muahaha
  • Raccoon really
  • Raccoon sleeping
  • Raccoon surprise
  • Raccoon tableflip

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Spellstone Friends

The search for Spellstones has spilled into Kongregate chat!

Sticker Pack Offered By

Kong logo.jpg?i10c=img Spellstone by synapticon
  • F1   apollyon sad   common
  • F2   asariel angry   common
  • F3   crow hello   subject
  • F4   drake and drake predator handshake   common
  • F4   goblin bye bye  subject