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The myth, the legend


  • Donks1
  • Donks2
  • Donks3
  • Donks4
  • Donks5

Garden Eels

This conga line of wiggly congridae wish good vibes upon your Kongregate chat experience!

  • Eel surprised
  • Eel confused
  • Eel yes
  • Eel no
  • Eel nervous


Mischievous Roscoe stays up all night, eats junk food & chugs energy drinks. Even though he's often up to no good, we always forgive him cuz he's just soo cute!

  • Raccoon blush
  • Raccoon headdesk
  • Raccoon iloveyou
  • Raccoon muahaha
  • Raccoon really
  • Raccoon sleeping
  • Raccoon surprise
  • Raccoon tableflip

Mac Shark

Mac is a rare species of land shark who has traveled the oceans & the continents & now the Interwebz. If you try to rub his white tummy, you'll get the chomp!

  • Shark hangry
  • Shark love
  • Shark party
  • Shark sleep
  • Shark sorry


Floofby is an Extra fluffy bumble bee with big amibitions of finding the yumiest of flowers. He works hard & plays hard.

  • Floofby imbeesy
  • Floofby love
  • Floofby no
  • Floofby ok
  • Floofby omg
  • Floofby seeya
  • Floofby yes

Emo Bear

With great ambivalence & anti-enthusiasm~! We love the Emo Bear more than they love us!

  • Emobear dedbear
  • Emobear emo
  • Emobear fart
  • Emobear nobear
  • Emobear selfie
  • Emobear sleeping
  • Emobear yay

Everyday Astronaut

Every single day is an adventure if you keep in mind that we're all floating in space together right now!

  • Astronaut coffee
  • Astronaut frolick
  • Astronaut sandwhich
  • Astronaut shower
  • Astronaut sniffing
  • Astronaut teeth
  • Astronaut toilet

Rock Chick

Don't mind the attitude - this chick is always there for her friends! How punk rock of you to boast her vintage rocker charms in chat.

  • Rockchick determined
  • Rockchick full
  • Rockchick gloomy
  • Rockchick hungry
  • Rockchick mad
  • Rockchick sad
  • Rockchick thumbsup


Your favorite classic Kongpanions, now in Sticker form!

  • Kongpanion1
  • Kongpanion2
  • Kongpanion3
  • Kongpanion4
  • Kongpanion5

Corgi Chef

This precocious little pupper is sure to be your star baker. Bon appétit!

  • Corgichef angry
  • Corgichef congrats
  • Corgichef fart
  • Corgichef fire
  • Corgichef happy
  • Corgichef heart butt
  • Corgichef sleepy

Baby Bat

Na na na na na na na na, bat babe!

  • Bat bday
  • Bat cold
  • Bat confused
  • Bat happy
  • Bat inlove
  • Bat nerdy
  • Bat sad
  • Bat vacay

Coty LeDon

One day this frondly lil sprout will grow up to be a beautiful bloom! Ganbatte, baby bean~!

  • Bean stickers camping
  • Bean stickers cry
  • Bean stickers kissy
  • Bean stickers laugh
  • Bean stickers lazy
  • Bean stickers lonely
  • Bean stickers shy
  • Bean stickers study

Box Cat

If he fits, Box Cat sits. He'll fit right into your Sticker Collection, for sure!

  • Boxcat excited
  • Boxcat happy
  • Boxcat hiding
  • Boxcat inlove
  • Boxcat ohuh
  • Boxcat sad

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Spellstone Friends

The search for Spellstones has spilled into Kongregate chat!

Sticker Pack Offered By

Kong logo.jpg?i10c=img Spellstone by synapticon
  • F1   apollyon sad   common
  • F2   asariel angry   common
  • F3   crow hello   subject
  • F4   drake and drake predator handshake   common
  • F4   goblin bye bye  subject