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15 Feb 2017 To any concerned about the wild fires on the city side of the Port Hills, we’re safe for now. Thanks for checking in on us. ♥ The fires are still a few miles off, having to get down the hills, across the river and then across two country blocks to get us. Crossing fingers that the damage is minimised given we’ve lost one helicopter pilot and several houses already. Our thoughts are with the pilot’s family at this time of loss. ♥♥♥♥♥

Kia ora.

Thanks witsd

I’m Beverly also known as FM, frank and beans thanks to Windigo663, Bevvers, Bevlecakes thanks to elfboy676, Bevvy Baby thanks to sirenofthedead, Beverlady thanks to StabbyJoe, Bevaloni the edible thanks to HellsSerenade. If I don’t appear to be chatting it is probably because I am deep into learning a new game or possibly even gasp doing something else between games. If you really want to chat with me, send me a profile whisper.
Usually now found in Pride, previous rooms are The Van and IKRC, I’ve also spent considerable time visiting the great folks who make their homes in other parts of the Kongregate Mansion.

Good things to know

Kreds Issues = Contact support@kongregate.com . And yeah that is an email address. :)
Conduct guidelines
Roleplay Friendly Rooms
Profile Formatting
How to become a Moderator
Cmurda’s guide on How to become a Moderator

On the other hand, The Cantina provided the most definitive answer on how to become a Mod
joelprovan: how do u become mod on kong?
TehUberAhsem: Feed on the souls of a thousand virgins.
joelprovan: lol
TehUberAhsem: They aren’t that hard to find on a gaming site. ;)
frankiesmum: Just be aware that those virgins are all spotty faced 13 year old boys. :)
joelprovan: ok tnx
joelprovan: ahhh nooooo!!!!
joelprovan: lol
Yourmomma696969: lol….I just spit soda all over my screen….good one frankiesmum

And while we’re on the subject of funny quotes, Happy Alcoholic has collected a few from various conversations see rachela

Want to add some Kongregate Bling to Firefox?

Check out these forum posts
http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/8018 Thanks CaptainCaveman :)
http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/52858 Thanks musicdemon :)
Also the indispensable Ventero Framework
needed to run any of Ventero’s scripts

Relevant Dates

07 September 2012 = Room Owner = Pride
11 July 2009 = I got my shiny Orange clad M. Apologies to the management, it is looking a bit battered these days but I do keep it shiny. :)

Things I need to remember

14 October 2011 Owe Jenny in Paradise a real Elements game with a decent deck!


Apologies to all Statesiders:
[08:46 PM] frankiesmum: What is the problem? Came in on the tale end.
[08:47 PM] Sparky_Baker: Zocra thinks canada is real
[08:47 PM] Zocra: God damn it it is real
[08:47 PM] Sparky_Baker: and we’re trying to help him understand that it’s a liberal conspiracy :(
[08:47 PM] Zocra: That’s where cats come from
[08:47 PM] frankiesmum: That is not a problem I am qualified to deal with.
[08:47 PM] Sparky_Baker: But you’re a mum
[08:47 PM] Sparky_Baker: grown ups should fix everything D:
[08:47 PM] Zocra: If Canada didn’t exist, then what’s keeping America’s head warm?
[08:47 PM] Sparky_Baker: 0_0
[08:47 PM] frankiesmum: It’s ass.
[08:48 PM] Sparky_Baker: ZING
[08:48 PM] Zocra: Louisiana’s warm enough as is
[08:48 PM] Sparky_Baker: God damn, well played.
[08:48 PM] Sparky_Baker: it’s funny because america has its hea… nvm.
[08:48 PM] frankiesmum: Couldn’t resist that line.
[08:48 PM] Sparky_Baker: gold star.
[08:49 PM] frankiesmum: That might just have to make it onto my profile.
[08:49 PM] Sparky_Baker: couldn’t begrudge you feeling a little smug there. That was swift.

Frankiesmum: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn’t know what to do. So she named them all Frankie.

frankiesmum: Night all. Sleepy time for me.
DarkRainyKnight: G’night FM!
KaiJai: Night Bev!
shade0180: night bev
CantKillTheMetal: So I just decided to talk and everyone goes to sleep.
CantKillTheMetal: Oh well…
DarkRainyKnight: One person counts as everyone now?
DarkRainyKnight: :-P
CantKillTheMetal: Yes.
frankiesmum: Everyone important ;D
CantKillTheMetal: Everyone important, that is. :P
DarkRainyKnight: LMAO
CantKillTheMetal: Damn
frankiesmum: wipes tears from eyes
DarkRainyKnight: XD

AchmedSr: Aint it fun making decisions ;)
Scram: with great (virtual) power …
AngelicDawn: comes lots of chat spamming?
Scram: Or “chamming,” as we call it in the biz.
AngelicDawn: Scramming?
Scram: Now now.
Scram: I have never spammed.
Scram: I only take advantage of empty rooms or dead conversations.
Scram: Like this one, for instance.
Scram: And then, only to attempt to spark legitimate discourse.
AngelicDawn: Taking advantage of dead conversations? Necroconversationalac? =p
Scram: When you put it that way … I think I need therapy.
Scram: Scratch that. I KNOW I need therapy.
AchmedSr: eww
KoPaladin: picked up a case of necrotizing chatiitis?
Scram: rigamoratory?
Scram: …
Scram: well, this episode of Night of Talking Dead already seems over.

deathDRAGON2: bev = beloved entity of value

solprovider: Sometimes I just rant without giving tips

Fatcatsven: And on the other I’m sleeping with strange men in my house.

Fatcatsven: That wasn’t the best wording.
Fatcatsven: Damn it.

Storageheater: someone on kong has photos of me in a floor-length pink corduroy dress I found in a thrift store

zomalien: ƒrÄÑk+ie÷ there we go…

Paulverizer11: I always come at the wrong time.
frankiesmum: I’ve heard that is a problem for some guys.
Paulverizer11: Damn it, I KNEW somebody was gonna go there. XD

sasuke602: dsasdasdasd
frankiesmum: Almost the most intelligent you’ve said all night sasuke.
Paulverizer11: ^
frankiesmum: *intelligent thing
sasuke602: screw u
frankiesmum: I doubt you meet my performance criteria.
Paulverizer11: No, screw me! Screw me!
sasuke602: fine
Paulverizer11: ^@Bev again
sasuke602: wait
sasuke602: i take that back
sasuke602: ill take that as a compliment
sasuke602: im just in my retard mode
Paulverizer11: What else is new?
sasuke602: me being in my retard mode
nitetrooper93: Im still stuck on “performance criteria”
frankiesmum: That ain;t new.
Paulverizer11: …Never mind.
sasuke602: why do your words hurt so much
sasuke602: wait they dont
Paulverizer11: Because you touch yourself at night with a forklift.
sasuke602: um
sasuke602: i
frankiesmum: Stuck, nite? You’ll not make the criteria either then.
sasuke602: i dont know what to say about that
Paulverizer11: PFFT, BEV.
sasuke602: and
nitetrooper93: =O
sasuke602: im not interested about what you do in your freetime
sasuke602: and
sasuke602: ill take that as a compliment
sasuke602: saying that
sasuke602: i have to use a forklift
sasuke602: because my dick is just that big
Paulverizer11: I haven’t said anything about my free time. And are you physically incapable of typing out a complete thought all in one post?
sasuke602: so
sasuke602: i win
frankiesmum: Paul – stop giving your tonka toys away.
Paulverizer11: Profiling that, Bev.
KaiJai: Back!
frankiesmum: Frankie reckons this conversation may beat out the Canada convo on my profile.
Paulverizer11: Oh, there’s certainly a lot of beating out about it.

[05:45 PM] HellsSerenade: Do all rooms suffer from dips?
[05:45 PM] LelianaNichole: i imagine so
[05:45 PM] LelianaNichole: just this room more than others
[05:45 PM] HellsSerenade: Ive only been in pride, and theres a lot of them here
[05:45 PM] HellsSerenade: A LOt
[05:46 PM] LelianaNichole: i was reading the history of pride
[05:46 PM] HellsSerenade: Yeah?
[05:46 PM] LelianaNichole: apparently this used to be troll heaven
[05:46 PM] LelianaNichole: imagine that
[05:46 PM] HellsSerenade: Yes, yes it was.
[05:46 PM] LelianaNichole: trolls trolling trolls
[05:46 PM] HellsSerenade: Back when it was a wasteland
[05:46 PM] frankiesmum: Okay. bperr is experiencing a gag. So new topic.
[05:46 PM] LelianaNichole: that’s like rapists raping rapists
[05:47 PM] HellsSerenade: Vigilanties killig vigilanties killing criminals killing vigilanties.
[05:47 PM] kdbduhsf: lol
[05:47 PM] LelianaNichole: or animals eating vegetarians
[05:47 PM] LelianaNichole: XD
[05:47 PM] HellsSerenade: or vegetarians eating other vegetarians!
[05:47 PM] HellsSerenade: Id like to see that!
[05:47 PM] LelianaNichole: XD^
[05:47 PM] kdbduhsf: or kdbduhsf going out of this crazy topic selection
[05:48 PM] frankiesmum: A few hyperactives, many of sexual ambiguity, huge number inflicting verbal violence on anyone they didn’t know and most that they did.
[05:48 PM] HellsSerenade: Thats before frank ruled over the lands
[05:48 PM] LelianaNichole: YAY!
[05:49 PM] LelianaNichole: i imagine pride is a lot like new Zealand is
[05:49 PM] LelianaNichole: but with less sex
[05:49 PM] kdbduhsf: these days are boring i dont have any game to addict on D:
[05:49 PM] frankiesmum: Even during those fraught times there were occasional glimpses of real intelligence and good conversation.
[05:49 PM] frankiesmum: Not so many sheep in Pride, Leliana. smirks
[05:49 PM] LelianaNichole: the majority of the sex coming from me
[05:49 PM] HellsSerenade: lol, glimpses frank, breif glimpses of hope shrouded by stupidity.
[05:50 PM] LelianaNichole: XD
[05:50 PM] HellsSerenade: Whoa, leli, dont even try to claim it all.
[05:50 PM] LelianaNichole: omg! mum was that a beastiality joke?
[05:50 PM] HellsSerenade: Omg…. i missed that…
[05:50 PM] frankiesmum: I can neither confirm nor deny…
[05:51 PM] LelianaNichole: XD
[05:51 PM] HellsSerenade: Confirmed…
[05:51 PM] LelianaNichole: way past confirmed
[05:51 PM] HellsSerenade: I do hear stories of the…. Sheep shows….. in the zealands
[05:51 PM] LelianaNichole: that’s not the only show ;) ;)
[05:51 PM] HellsSerenade: you know… instead of…. goat shows…

KS23: sar chasm: The gap between the one that made the comment and those that didn’t get it

Other Quotes

George Bernard Shaw “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Speaking of children here are a few of my Kong children…

Evilspawn BTW Different evil spawn (or is that Evils pawn) from the one mentioned at the end of my profile. One is a boy and one is a girl. I’ll let you work it out for yourself.

…and I’m now collecting Kong grandchildren long before I have grandchildren IRL

zoomonkey – First e-granddaughter


For Wartune Players
Wartune Wiki
Fix Black Screens in Firefox and Chrome
Lag Discussion 1
Lag Discussion 2

For CoG players

This is a real red Scorpio
I see Red

Warm Fuzzies

Thanks to Doodle_Man I have my very own Community Mod Card!
Thanks to Jaskaran2000 I have a new portrait

Zilch – Maximising expected scores
Zilch – Study Pt 1

So true
Frankie has this to say to all of you

By popular demand and with abject apologies to Fountains of Wayne
(Thanks Ant Hill and Area 51 )

Frankie’s Mom

Music of interest

FM = Steely Dan
Pride = U2
Stacy’s Mom = Fountains of Wayne
She’s A Mod = Ray Columbus with the Invaders
Earthquake = Labrinth
Fraction Liquefaction = TeamReyno1ds
Frankenstein = Edgar Winter Group
Pride and Joy = Stevie Ray Vaughan
Frankie and Johnny = Mr Sam Cooke

In Memoriam

Thanks Cyclonea for spotting my typo

RIP MobyJaws – Miss you surfacing to ask after the evil spawn aka Frankie. Dec 2009
Gaby – who gave us Zilch, May 2011
sheepshepherd – Prinny defender extraordinaire! Jun 2013
wilkins – Former room owner of Chill Lounge Jan 2014
Timmy W Dog 1/1/2000 – 29/12/2014 Miss my morning and back home from work cuddles.
Aumoe Oct 2016

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