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Hello everyone, and welcome to my brofile!

If you have any manner of questions (related to Kong with any way), I will try to answer to them. You can PM me if you have a question; I try to answer if my knowledge is good enough. There is a Q&A section in this profile though, I suggest you to check it before asking. It could help you, possibly. :)

Also, cool guys you can ask help from (usually):


They have a large amount of knowledge about Kongregate, so Kong-related questions can be asked from them if I seem to not be able to help.

Overall internet stuff

• My current record in a YouTube video views is over 31 000 views. It’s held by a Finnish-language video.
• I’m good at minigolf in a site called Playforia.
• It’s also my first gaming site I’ve ever visited.
• My longest absence from Kongregate was a month, back in January-February 2012. I just got bored.
• Although, I’ve been on Kongregate the second most time of all gaming sites. The first one’s Playforia (2006-now)
• My total YouTube channel views are 71 000+. ;)

My newest video

I will add my newest video in this place of the profile.

Synthesia: Harry Potter OST – Prologue

Extremely epic song:

Globus – Europa

Epic Quote of the Week

“Even if one had flaws, that doesn’t mean one couldn’t attain perfection.” ~Me

The place where I am supposed to tell about myself…

If you have any manner of questions (related to Kongregate), I’ll try to help unless I have a bad day. But that’s actually quite rare for me in Kongregate. :3

I usually am not annoyed by trolls/spammers/aliens/chicken worshippers in the chat or forums. But if I am, I show it by being sarcastic and replying to the comments without being serious. It’s possible I just remain silent, too.

I am a regular in chatrooms Purple Haze (renamed as Labyrinth by this person called MadJedi). I visit other rooms occasionally, often when Labyrinth chat is dead or something else. I get friends very easily in the chat, though. I’m 15, because I was evil and faked my age to join Kong under the age of 13…

I have driven a driver’s license for driving a moped. I’ve not driven with it much though. Not after I got the license. Oh well.

I was about 5 years old when I started to know (and speak) English quite well for my age. I could actually be described as Finnish-English, since both are about as easy for me.

Certain people describe me as mature, cool, laid-back and rule-abiding person. Not all share this thought, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone has haters. Even Justin Bieber.

If I got any bad habits, they could be not being serious (sometimes), referring to self when speaking about bad (etc synonyms) things and so on.


Leveling Up: Get level 30 (X)

This is Sparta! (Get 300 Followers) (√)
This is Kongregate!: Get 500 Followers (X)

Forum Fiend: Get 4000 Forum posts (√)
Forum Guardian: Get 5000 Forum posts (X)

Comment Creator: Get 200 Game Comments (X)

My Kongregate timeline

October 14, 2009: Joined Kongregate in this account
October 14, 2009: First Badge (Hard Badge from Platform Racing 2, had earned it when not having an account)
October 17, 2009: First Fan/Follower and First Friend/Followed – Pr2T
Somewhere in December 2009: First Forum post
June 09. 2011: First 100 Followers
October 23, 2011: First 200 Followers
June 25. 2012: First 300 Followers
August 3. 2012: First 4000 Forum posts
October 14. 2012 Departure from Kongregate

Kongregate Rules & Some useful links

• Excessive cursing
• Spam
• Rule disobedience
• Ignoring the authorities
• Force-feeding liver casserole to other users (not joking, that is the most extreme torture method available in Finland)

• Rule obedience
• Maturity
• Friendliness
• Helping people
• Not being racist



Become a | Kongregate vigilante

Kongregate Dictionary

Format in Kongregate like a boss!

Candy’s Q&A

Q: How do I become a mod?
A: See the “Become a Kong vigilante” link.

Q: How did you make your gender like that??!?!?1
A: I used a program called FireBug. It’s only for Firefox, but you can use Greasemonkey for Google Chrome or alternatively “Inspect Element” on the clickable part (Male/Female). I am not sure about IE though, that does it have such a program.

Q: I saw a person with private profile. How can I do that?
A: Click the box “Make my profile private” when you Edit your profile.

Q: What do those little letters mean?
A: D is for Developer, K is for Administrator, M is for Moderator, F is for Forum mod, C is for Curator, R is for Room Owner and K+ is for a KongPlus member.

Q: KongPlus? Wut r u talking about?
A: It’s basically buying a upgraded Kongregate for $29.99/year. It has ‘perks’ to improve Kong experience, such as no ads, priority service and so on.

Q: What can I do with those things called ‘Kreds’?
A: You can use them to purchase premium things in games, give them as a reward, show-off and tip Developers.

Q: Cool avatar picture, how did you make it?
A: Thanks, I used Paint.NET and I messed with the RGB sliders there. :3

Q: I see you have made a game. How?
A: I used a program called Stencyl(Works). It is free and is quite easy to use when you start knowing what do the different things do there.

Q: Help! I wanna change my username from IHatePonies to ILovePonies!
A: Sorry to say, but there is no way of changing the name, other than capitalization in your current name. If the name is considered bad towards other users or it is profane, it can be asked to be changed by the administration.

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The Impossible Pinball

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