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“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”
I’m one of the many global moderators from the chat room Castles Must Die. Outside of kong, I enjoy pan galactic gargle blasters, playing guitar, and immature jokes. I help out sometimes with the ModSquad steamgroup, if you’d like to meet some of the colorful characters that volunteer their time for kong, the group’s chatroom is a good place to start.

Personal stats
Timesink: College Student
Guitar: Fender FA-100
DnD 3.5 Character: Gestalt Kobold Sorcerer/Warmage LA+3
Steam Game: Poker Night 2
Steam Game Count: 243
Number of Imp Badges: 9

All Time Favorite…
Flash Game Series: Mardek RPG
Standalone Flash Game: Kongregate Chat
PC Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
MMO: WoW: WotLK/BC toss-up
Console Game: Monster Hunter
Favorite Song: Little Talks
Anime: Steins;Gate
TV Show: The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart
Your Mom Joke: Your mom is so old… she’s older than you.

Moderator stats
Mod Since: July 9th, 2009
Home Room: Mostly Harmless
My modding style is generally Lassiez-faire, and also consists of patience, smartassery, one-liners, and brief periods of excessive seriousness.
Remember, the first rule of kong is: Don’t Be A Jerk.
If you’d like to become a mod, your should read this.

Other Things You Might Be Interested In
A txt file I’ve compiled of (currently) 70 tabs/chords of songs that I enjoy playing.
My folder of 1000+ desktop backgrounds from some of my favorite Photographers, CG, and DeviantARTists (optimized for 16:9)
Webcomic recommendations
My relationship status ;D

Talk to me for more information about any of the preceeding.
Fun Fact, I was banned once! :D good times.

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