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Charter Nov. 06, 2018

Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

Always remember: 12 May 2013: The Cliff Memorial Day
21 October 2016: Bowser’s Castle Memorial Day

“That is trash, sir,” says One to Another. “No, you’re a goose,” Another replies in kind. Branwen and Elspeth are the two best kids any father could ask for. I’m a Cecaelia, just so you know.
In doubt as to what you can and can’t do? Code of Conduct and Guidelines
Freedom of speech

On Clubs:

[03:10 PM] Ivan62300: Form a club
[03:10 PM] Ivan62300: No ger(l)s allowed
On My Official Title:

[12:21 AM] Livzy: Ger is the pun master though
[12:21 AM] gerheart: indeedydo
[07:13 PM] plokmn99: ger’s the pun master
On Using Names For Wit

[10:16 PM] matthero: I’ll always (ger)heart you.
[12:26 AM] crawl138: lol! Have i ever told you that I heart you ger
[09:09 PM] thegame7979: Ger your heart! Heart your ger!!!
On My Procrastination

[09:40 PM] NaoSouONight: You are the master procrastinator, ger.
[11:01 PM] NaoSouONight: ger procrastinates his leaving.
[11:01 PM] deaconfrost2k9: Ger procrastinates everything
On My Catchphrase

[10:37 PM] Mousethecat: ger. Changing minds. Changing lives.

Links! Links Galore!

Chat Quotes
Mind Blowing Chat Quotes
Hold the ocean in your hand.
You must be a fricking psychopath.
Yoko Kanno
Yoko Kanno
Yoko Kanno

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Classic gerheart: v. An action taken on any Kongregate chatroom where one either ignores another who is saying stupid things or is a complete dick because they deserve it
gerheart: I just stopped talking to him once he started saying stupid things.
Livzy: classic gerheart
The gerheart Route: When one decides to simply sit back and watch the chat of any chatroom. They then wait for a good spot to either join in or say something and go back to waiting.

Wiki Entries:

The Cliff:
Kongday: November 16, 2008
One of the few veterans who stays with The Cliff, gerheart is commonly known to most as ger. He has been on and off for a number of years, but has finally decided to stay. Gerheart is well-known for standing back and letting everyone else take a turn at chatting, and only coming in when he has something vital to say. JohnnyVega seems to be much more knowledgeable about him than any other, but mostly this is because gerheart is so open about himself. He was one of the few Cliffeans to stay with the Cliff until it died.

Café Kong:
gerheart A.K.A. Ger

Nothing currently of note is applicable here.

I’d argue this isn’t true but it really is.-gerheart
Do you love Kongregate? Do you spend hours just talking to people in the chat box instead of actually playing games or doing something productive with your life? Do you feel that your chatting experience could become one million times better? Boy do I have just the product for you.
Kong One or Kongregate One is a chat script that does so many things, all with one click of the mouse! Now you have timestamps, a PM notifier, chat line highlighter, reply-command, username completion, character limit in the message box, instant hyperlinks to any and all links posted in chat, and a chat box resizer. Your chatting experience will never be the same again!
(Only compatible with extension Tampermonkey)

Yo Momma!

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A fighting game with some intense challenges.

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A motocross game with many challenges.

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