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Kangaroos – Australian for pron

Notable quotables

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GwenWilliams: shoot, back when I was having kids, it was squat down, shoot it out, throw it on the pile and get back to work. :P
petesahooligan: I knew you were drunk as soon as you said “I’m listening to Pink…”
Wayward: Technicaly, we;ve all been shoved face first through someons vagina, so we’re really acting way too dignified.
lilkev7: lol mine was big and it shrunk wen i put it on here
Retribute: It’s like YouTube comments had a child with eBaum’s World.
Ooooog: Spont, stop minimodding.
Rivenstaff: now it just dies from the shame of the trolls and sundry functional illiterates that use her.
joant: my loins are made of salsa and haggis
AlisonClaire: I need to find a brown babby daddy so I can have children with skin pigment.
Kispus: Welcome too Kongregate. Be confusing or get confused.
Ooooog: I’ve wanted to beat small children three days in a row, now.
Lystie: Man if you were my daughter, I’d give you up for adoption and adopt one of them third world kids. :)
jfjnpxmy: I’m not a proper mod, but I drove a scooter back in the 60s and beat the crap out of Rockers on Brighton pier, if that helps.
OldManNiko: Kispus you may again speak of man-seed
GwenWilliams: you little man whore
Cynister: the only wang i touch is my own, and if it could be pulled off, it would’ve happened by now
Lord_Xanderos: That’s So Riven
MrSpontaneous: As the scratchy record player emits the lonesome sounds of Dashboard, the dust settles on the photo album that is my life.
jfjnpxmy: Awkward chubby sex to the tune of “My very educated mother just served us noodles”
xX1shadow1Xx: Just like that hooker we kille- I mean, sent to university.
hiperson134: I wanna stick a pin in the real alison
Yyozz: and spontaneous said “let there be quiet”… and so it was…
Rivenstaff: Definition Platform Racing: More homoesexual than 8 dudes screwing 9 dudes.
Darkcerberus5690: Spont, it seems like I was dipped into yesterday.
Blarlack: Today we salute you, Mister Unsecured Wireless Network Owner.
Blarlack: I want to pevic-thrust a chicken apart :O
JonnyRico: Xestrix is the best mod in the same way Alan Turing was the best heterosexual person.
stevenorr: *jiggles*
protoss_rush: *jumps on spont's crotch*
sunnygrlrox: My uncle squeezes my cheeks all the time. >_>
stevenorr: Where’s my hole?
SilentInsanity: I swallow it so that doesn’t happen.
Priapism__: I’m an om-nom-nom-ivore
Upaut: I’m still trying to figure out how I got one stuck in my throat last night.
SilentInsanity: And now they’re all hard and chewy.
sunnygrlrox: I have a horny owl… And I think it’s getting hornier.
PantherShah: Jay-Z, you’re my hero for beating it.
MissMurderIsh: Ew, dicks.
Upaut: Oh, yeah, I want to see 10 year olds whipping their hair in paint.
Kairi_the_shadow: Mike, will you fart into my phone ;3?
Zephry: Your surverys only consisted of two people so far… your right and left hands.
SilentInsanity: Because I totally have a bondage fetish.
Isfan: I ♥ Manda’s taco =3 I hope I get to try it one day
kenneth2830: *dives in for more wieners*
Lystie: Rude. I’ll go get my condom and Guy Fawkes mask and wait for the cats.
Emielle: Dad was all ‘peel some spuds’ and I was all ’I’m revising’ but that didn’t help.
DorkPhones: cuz otherwise would be """illgeagl"
iwannakissthesun: I NEED WHORE CLOTHES >:(
iwannakissthesun: I love the noise every time they squish boobs together

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