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Oct. 19, 2007

Fifteen contest winners announced

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Lots of contest winners to announce, due to intensive slacking on our part. From two weeks ago, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy was the $250 winner, while Treasures of Cutlass Reef and Tornado Button Smashing were the two runners-up.

From last week, 5 Differences was the winner, and Papa's Pizzeria and Max Mesiria Chap2 RPG were the two runners-up.

And, finally, the winners from September's monthly contest!

1st. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
2nd. Tactics 100 Live v1.5
3rd. Manifold
4th. Hexiom
5th. Detective Grimoire
6th. Feudalism
7th. Shape Invasion
8th. Br's Climate Chaos
9th. Impossible Quiz 2

Note that we still have not heard back from the developers of Shape Invasion or Impossible Quiz 2, so if we can't get in touch with them soon, their spots will be dropped in favor of Hotcorn and Sling Junior.

As usual, the contest breakdown is $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for 5th-9th. Implementation of our stats API is a requirement for contest eligibility.

Oct. 03, 2007

Contest excitement

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Two weeks ago, our weekly contest was madness (no, it was not Sparta — it truly was just madness). Hexiom was the $250 winner, and Feudalism was a $150 runner-up along with Ninja Rinseout. Both Hexiom and Feudalism were Dugg on Kongregate, and Ninja Rinseout comes straight from, created by the founder of the now-famous Addicting Games.

Last week, Manifold was the weekly winner, which also found its way onto the front page of Digg. Sling Junior was a runner-up along with Ninjakiwi's Bloons-style-infuriatingly-addictive Hotcorn.

Sep. 21, 2007

Tactics Live wins weekly contest

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The game in last week's challenge was also last week's contest winner, as Tactics 100 Live took home the $250 prize and continues to dominate in the monthly competition. To continue celebrating SuperFlashBros' appearance on Kongregate, we also might be able to give them a $150 runner-up prize for Detective Grimoire.

The other runner-up prize went to Ocean Explorer, which is jmtb02's very first game published as a full-time, on-site employee of Armor Games down in Southern California. We wish jmtb02 the very best at his new job, as he can now make games all the time without having to attend any pesky college classes!

Sep. 17, 2007

Hiring Lead Unix Sysadmin

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Got Unix skills? Kongregate is hiring a Unix Sysadmin. See the jobs page.

Sep. 13, 2007

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 wins Super Crazy Maniac Weekly Contest

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Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 was last week's $250 contest winner, with the two $150 runners-up being BR's Climate Chaos and The Impossible Quiz 2. Shape Invasion was close enough to be worthy of an honorable mention, along with Sproing, which was dugg last week right here on Kongregate.

Sep. 10, 2007

Wii colab

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Atomic Noodle is starting up a Wii colab! Anyone interested should check out his thread for more information than anyone would bother reading in this news post!

Sep. 10, 2007


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Lots of contest winners to catch up on! A few weeks ago, Amberial was the $250 winner, with Bloons Tower Defense and Monster Master being the two $150 runners-up.

Two weeks ago, Smiley's War was the $250 winner, followed by the two $150 runners-up Johnny Rocketfingers and Oroboros.

Even better, the official results from August are in! And here they are:

1st: Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive
2nd: Momentum Missile Mayhem
3rd: Amberial
4th: Smiley's War
5th: Ball Revamped 5: Synergy
6th: Johnny Rocketfingers
7th: Oroboros
8th: Bloons Tower Defense
9th: Ragdoll Avalanche 2

(Edit: A glitch on our side caused Oroboros to not appear in the list during the initial announcement, with Moster Master listed as the 9th place game. We've corrected the glitch and awarded Monster Master the ninth-place prize anyway. Sorry for any confusion!)

That's $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth and $250 for everyone else. As usual, implementation of our statistics API is a requirement for contest eligibility, and any of the above games that fail to implement the API will forfeit their place to the next in line.

And along that note, due to noncompliance with this requirement for July's contest, Jelly Blocks has been bumped up to the fourth-place, $500 prize, while Terrascape has been bumped up to ninth place for $250.

Aug. 24, 2007

Asteroids Revenge III wins weekly contest

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Last week's challenge game, Asteroids Revenge III - Crash to Survive was also the weekly contest winner for $250. The holy-crap-it's-finally-here Ball Revamped 5: Synergy was a $150 runner-up, along with the classic Ragdoll Avalanche 2.

Aug. 22, 2007


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In just a couple of short days, PAX will be graced by the presence of the Kongregate staff. Stop by our booth to play our upcoming card game (the full rules for which were recently announced), take home real-life promotional print-outs of the cards themselves, and compete in a tournament for $1000! Oh, and I guess you can meet the staff too, but we're pretty boring.

Aug. 16, 2007

Super Contest Backlog Extravaganza!

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Our apologies for falling behind on contest updates, but we promise we're not just hoarding all the winnings to ourselves. Below are the top 9 games from July:

1st: Onslaught 2
2nd: Johnny Rocketfingers 2
3rd: More Mindless Violence
4th: Jelly Blocks
5th: Bloons: Player Pack 1
6th: Shield Defense
7th: Nuclear Eagle
8th: Micro Olympics
9th: Notessimo

Note that several of the above games (Johnny Rocketfingers 2, More Mindless Violence and Bloons: Player Pack 1) have not yet implemented our APIs required for monthly contest eligibility. If they fail to do so, we'll simply bump games up to fill their ranks, then move down the line and award prizes for 10th - 12th: Terrascape, Covert Front Episode 1, and Pinch Hitter 2. As usual, our monthly prizes were $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for everyone else.

And we had lots of weekly winners, too. From ancient history, More Mindless Violence was the $250 winner, while Triangles and DayMare Town were the two $150 runners-up.

From two weeks ago, Johnny Rocketfingers 2 took home the $250 weekly prize, while the Kongregate-sponsored Orb Avoidance 2 was a runner-up for $150, along with Dotville Deluxe.

Last week, Momentum Missile Mayhem was the $250 winner, while Blue and Engines of Creation were the two $150 runners-up.

Jul. 25, 2007

Jelly Blocks wins weekly contest

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Jelly Blocks was last week's winner for the $250 prize. Bloons Player Pack 1 and Notessimo were the two runners-up for $150 each. Two great honorable mentions include Covert Front Episode 1 and Speck Oppression.

Jul. 20, 2007

Contest backlog excitement!

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All right, so we've been a bit behind with announcing official contest winners. But here they are!

From June:
1st: Desktop Tower Defense 1.5
2nd: Newgrounds Rumble
3rd: Platform Racing
4th: Ring Pass Not
5th: Caravaneer
6th: Orb Avoidance
7th: MindScape
8th: QWERTY Warriors 2
9th: Generic Defense Game

The usual breakdown applies: $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth and $250 for everyone else.

And we have weekly winners too! From two weeks ago, Onslaught2 was the winner for $250, while Shield Defense and Terrascape were the two runners-up.

From last week, Nuclear Eagle was the winner, and Micro Olympics and Colour Pod were the two runners-up.

Jul. 06, 2007

Platform Racing wins weekly contest

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Jiggmin's latest game, Platform Racing, was the winner last week for the $250 prize. Orb Avoidance and QWERTY Warriors 2 were the two $150 runners-up.

Jun. 29, 2007

May contest winners announced

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May contest winners, we have not forgotten you. Here are the official winners from last month:

1st: The Last Stand
2nd: Boxhead: 2Play Rooms
3rd: Castlewars
4th: Luminara
5th: The Endless Zombie Rampage
6th: Kongregate Racing
7th: Submachine 4: The Lab
8th: Escape #2: The Closet
9th: Submachine 1: The Basement

That's right; three of the top five games involve killing zombies. You guys must really loathe the undead. The usual breakdown applies: $1500 for first, $1000 for second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for all the others. Implementation of our statistics API was also a requirement for contest winnings, which makes games eligible for challenges and achievements.

Jun. 28, 2007

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 wins weekly contest

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Last week was the most competitive week we've seen in a long time for the weekly contest. The now-Kongregate-sponsored Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 was the clear $250 winner when it broke records and became the highest-rated game of all time on Kongregate. Ring Pass Not and Caravaneer were the two $150 runners-up, and it seems like everyone has been playing a lot of both lately.

We regret that we only had three prizes to give out, as this week also happened to see some other truly great games worthy of an honorable mention. Specifically, be sure to check out MindScape, StarShine and Nodes.

Jun. 27, 2007

Achievements are live!

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At long last, our very first achievements are live on Kongregate! Visit your profile for a list of which games currently have achievements. We'll be adding lots more soon, so check back often.

Jun. 22, 2007

Generic contest announcement

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Generic Defense Game was the big, predictable, generic winner last week for the generic $250 weekly prize. The two $150 runners-up were Pinch Hitter and Deflector.

Jun. 13, 2007

Let's get ready to Newgrounds Rumble!

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Even everyone stuck on Convict's last level had to admit that Newgrounds Rumble is pretty amazing. We salute NegativeONE not just for making an incredible game, but for showing us that Flash is capable of more than we previously thought. It was last week's contest winner for $250, while Potion Panic and Skies of War were the two $150 runners-up.

Jun. 05, 2007

Castlewars wins weekly contest

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To no one's surprise, Castlewars was last week's contest winner for $250. This game is by far the most addictive and entertaining way to flip a coin ever created.

Both $150 runner-up spots went to Mateusz Skutnik for the first two parts in his excellent Submachine series — Submachine 1 and Submachine 2.

The monthly contest winners will be announced soon!

May. 31, 2007

Challenge extended

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Due to technical difficulties with our next challenge, the current challenge set, Circles of Life and Death, is being extended through all of Friday, PDT.

Now there's no excuse for failing to get 240 seconds on Particles!

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