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Oct. 04, 2013 Charter Dec. 01, 2018
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    Feb. 11, 2009

“Most pawns choose to become a Queen when promoted. I chose to become a Knight.”

Favorite Kong Moment:
I have been made into a Kongpanion (the 153rd)! During the 2nd Kongregate Live event, Jimp drew a white knight chess piece at my request (my avatar is a white knight). It was pretty cool to see it come alive, and I thank Jimp very much for his time and effort. Pip was then made an official Kongpanion on Dec 12, 2016, and won Kongpanion of the Year 2016.

Another Notable Moment in Kongregate History
April 1, 2014: Kong released KongBot Gameplay Service as an April Fool. Shortly after they did, I put up a screen shot of it taking my kreds during the “free trial day”. With that in mind, here is a post from Candyman the next day:

My personal April Fool’s Day prize goes to TheRealPip, for actually tricking me into thinking we had taken his Kreds. I made it to his Kreds account page, saw nothing, checked to see if I was on one of our testing pages, and THEN finally realized I had been fooled into something that was our own foolery all along. Pip! I salute you!

On top of all this, Candyman awarded me bonus points for the deed:
19 points For fooling Candyman, the fool (4+1+14=19)

Kong is a great place to hang out. And the admins are all made of awesome (especially Candyman, who is also a good sport).

Tyrant Devs Make a Card and Event for me
On Dec 11, 2012, the Tyrant Devs released their Winter Solstice event in my honor. Part of that event was a card that put me in the game. It was very generous of the devs to do. And I am honored that they would think to do it.

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